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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I contact you?
For a price quote on a cake please fill out a Quote Request Form. Existing clients, and all other questions are welcome to call the bakery at (520)-678-4989
Studio Contact Information
My Homemaker's Haven- Custom Cakes and Candies
Phone: (520) 678-4989

  • How do I order a cake?
Please read this entire FAQ, and then contact the bakery. Our office is currently open by appointment only, we do not have any cakes pre-made for sale. Every cake we make is custom made to order from start to finish. For more information contact

  • Is my event date available?

Please contact the bakery.We do keep a waiting list during peak season(i.e. graduations, major holidays) We are not currently taking orders beyond June 1, 2022. If your event falls beyond that date, please contact us to discuss details.

  • Can I visit your kitchen?
Sorry, but no.We are a very small, very busy shop. Every cake we make is handcrafted to order, and while that makes for some really spectacular cakes, it doesn’t leave us with a lot of time for visitors and small talk. Therefore, we cannot have people stopping in to watch. While we truly appreciate everyone’s excitement and support, we simply do not have the time or resources for visitors. If you ask to visit, we will be forced to say “no”. If you show up anyway, we will not be able to let you come inside. We are very sorry to be so stern and such, but there are no exceptions to this policy.We do not give tours of our facility to groups.
  • How does the process work?

The cake making process starts with you requesting a price quote. The more info you can provide, the better we can price your cake! You will receive an email from us with an estimate. Once you have indicated that want to move forward with the order, we will then send you a purchase order or ask to schedule an appointment. Design/Tasting appointments are held for most, but not all, cake orders. This meeting is an opportunity for you to sit down with a decorator, design the cake and have lots of fun! Your appointment should take about 45 minutes (tastings 90 minutes). Be sure to bring any visual references (pictures, objects, swatches, etc..) that you think will aid in the design and construction of the cake. Additionally, please come prepared with as much event info as possible, including the setup schedule, important contacts and any relevant delivery conditions. Should you need additional time to decide on the cake or arrange for payment, we will gladly hold your event date on our production calendar for up to three business days. See our Payment Policy for more details. Once you have placed the order, we will continue to work with you on collecting all of the details needed to make and deliver your awesome cake. Come two weeks before your event date, we will process the final payment and collect any outstanding delivery info and/or design references. The day of your event we will deliver the cake approximately 1 hour before the event start time.

  • Do your cakes actually taste good?

Yes they do. You can read for yourself. I do not limit clients to certain flavors. you pick it, I make it.

  • How much are your cakes?

All of our cakes are individually priced based on the complexity of their design. Given that our cakes are completely custom made, we do not have a standardized pricing list. We are happy to work within your event budget and encourage you to contact us for a design/tasting appointment so that we can discuss your cake order in person. We feel meeting with someone face-to-face and getting to know their ideas is the best way to plan a spectacular cake!

  • What’s your payment policy?

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your order; the remainder is due at least seven days prior to your event. Your order is not confirmed until we have received your full payment, or 50% non-refundable deposit.Payment can be made by cash or credit card (Visa, AmEx, or Mastercard, and Discover). Cake orders placed with less than two weeks notice or total less than $50.00 require payment in full by credit card at the time of ordering. Deposits are non-refundable.If you cancel your order, your balance payment (monies paid after deposit was made) is refundable provided My Homemaker's Haven is notified at least thirty (30) business days prior to the event. There is no payment refund on orders canceled within twenty nine (29) business days of the event. Design/Tasting appointments are held for most, but not all, cake orders. There is a non-refundable $25.00 consult fee required for tasting appointments, payable by cash or credit card. Event dates are held for you through the date of your appointment or quote, and three (3) business days afterwards. If we do not receive a full payment or 50% deposit within three (3) business days of your appointment or quote, your date may become unavailable.

  • Do you deliver?

Delivery is available for wedding cakes and cakes that require on-site assembly. We do not ship our cakes. Delivery fees are 20% of your total order for local delivery (less than 25 miles) and $.85 per mile after the first 25 miles and is calculated by distance traveled both ways. Anything longer than 3 hours is determined on a case-by-case basis. While it is generally not a problem for clients to transport smaller cakes, self-transporting any cake is at your own risk. My Homemaker's Haven does not recommend clients self-transport 3D/sculptural cakes, cakes over 2 tiers tall, or any cake more than 3 hours and is not responsible for any damage that may occur to any client-transported cake once it has left our bakery.

  • Do you ship your cakes?

We do not ship our cakes.

  • Are you hiring?

We will post any open positions as they become available.

  • I have dietary restrictions. Can you help?

We currently are able to accommodate gluten, dairy, nut/tree nut free and some sugar free requests. For all other restrictions please contact us.

  • I have a press/media request.

For all press/media requests, please contact us at

  • I have a request for a speaking engagement or appearance.

For all appearance requests, please contact us at

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